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Our Philosophy

We believe it's not just what you put in your body... but also what you put on and around it.

We believe that your skin is like a window, providing clues into your internal health. After all, our skin serves as an important alert system for internal imbalances in digestion, hormones, immune function, and inflammatory processes. With this in mind, wouldn’t you agree that it makes sense to look after your skin in the same way we would look after something precious? 

Luxe & Bare was born from direct personal experience in managing sensitive skin, through which came the realisation that it’s not just what you put ‘in’ your body but also what you put ‘on’ and ‘around’ it.

We follow a truly holistic ‘East Meets West’ philosophy, combining the wisdom of Natural Therapies and Eastern Medicine together with the evidence based approach of Western Nutrition and Cosmetic Science. 

Our aim is to first and foremost educate people about the importance of wellness, nutrition and the use of natural products when it comes to skin care and to provide a healthier alternative to traditional skin care products; through the use of Certified Organic and Natural ingredients, purely derived from nature.

We are also firm believers in the use of aromatherapy to make a transformative difference to peoples state of mind and love nothing more than to develop products that are not only great for the skin but have the power to deliver mind uplifting affects.

One of the most important steps you can take in the journey to healthy skin, is the use of natural and organic products to keep your skin replenished with the nutrients it needs for optimal function. Additionally, paying close attention to optimum nutrition as preventative medicine and seeking holistic, multi-system professional medical advice, to uncover underlying conditions.